Teaching Experience

Courses Taught:
University of Missouri:
Poli Sci 1100: Introduction to American Government
Spring 2017 (syllabus)
Poli Sci 4200: The American Constitution
Fall 2016 (syllabus)
Poli Sci 4230: The Constitution & Civil Liberties
Fall 2017
Georgetown University:
GOVT 303: Catholic Social Teaching in Dialogue with Liberalism: 1891-Present
Spring 2016 (syllabus)
As Teaching Assistant (at Georgetown):
GOVT 107: Elements of Political Theory
Spring 2013 (Richard Boyd)
PHIL 099: Political and Social Thought (Georgetown Univ. School of Foreign Service)
Fall 2013, Fall 2014 (Bruce Douglass)
Spring 2014, Spring 2015 (Richard Boyd)
PECO 201: Analytical Tools for Political Economy
Fall 2015 (Roger Lagunoff & Josep Colomer)
Sample Syllabi:
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